The list is split into two groups:
1.  Geometry of disk arrangements
2.  Spinors in disk arrangements 

1. Descartes, Apollonian,
    and other disk configurations

For the theorem on the disks in general configuration, see 
For the above interpreted as the (possibly) simplest proof of Descartes' formula, see
Applications of the generalized formula 
  • Lens sequences
    Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol 23 (2020), Article 20.11.6  (36 pages)
Other papers related to disk arrangements
  • Golden Window (2010), Mathematics Magazine, 83 (5) 2010, no. 5, pp. 228-237.   
    (This is a creative contribution, recreational mathematics) 

2. Apollonian tangency spinors

Introduced here: 
    For the more detailed exposition and the main theorems and properties, see: 

    Further development and various applications:

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    1. Perhaps one can find equations for the spinors in a given configuration?